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I can count on one hand, perhaps maybe two, the practitioners that have influenced and impacted my life in the most subtle yet most powerful ways. Adria Ellis is one of them. Adria is an internationally recognised teacher of Fusion Acupressure, Intuitive Coaching and offers Guided Meditations online and in person.

D: Welcome to the Belly Blog Miss Adria! So happy to be talking about the wonderful work that you do! I have been blessed for over a decade now to have received incredible healing sessions from you that have gifted me much needed time and space to integrate what can sometimes feel fractured or disconnected within my mind, body and spirit.

A: Thank you! The tools that I share with clients I have been using myself for the last 20 years. I have managed to transform any physical, mental, emotional suffering I have experienced through actively integrating these tools into my own life to ease personal stress, to shift self sabotaging beliefs and to connect me with something far greater – Source/God/Spirit however you choose to describe it. I know this work works, and I can testify to the value in shifting the paradigms of our beliefs. Most importantly receiving energy healing, and learning how to align with my higher self, has helped me understand “what the suffering was for”, and offer a window into the full picture at play. This, in my mind, is the ultimate healing, and it requires tools to integrate the body, the mind and spirit so we can come home to our authentic loving selves.

D: Can you tell us more about what inspired you to move into this work?

A: One of my earliest childhood daydreams was of being a healer. I would secretly imagine being able to heal people and animal’s simply by placing my hands on the injury and channelling energy through me to heal. By the age of 14, my father enrolled me in my first acupressure class to support the fact that I loved to give massage. From this first training, I felt like I was given a tool that could initiate my earliest calling, and I was hooked on a life journey of healing and supporting physical and emotional wellbeing.

D: What sort of things do clients come to see you about?

A: I have worked extensively with clients moving through hip pain, back injuries, frozen shoulders, digestion, fertility issues, neck tension, chronic stress, anxiety, relationship issues, loss, and depression.

D: What does a session generally entail?

A: Over the last 20 years I have developed many different services that balance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which also includes online services as a way to support a growing global community. A session in person integrates Chinese acupressure, energy healing and psychic clearing. It is a great way to release tension, clear self sabotaging patterns and beliefs, find clarity, heal from loss and step into your heart. In energy healing sessions we look at what tools are unique to you and your healing process. What beliefs are out-dated and how to shift tension and beliefs out of the body. For me personally, I practice a lot of “Selfing”.

D: I like the sound of “selfing”, what is it?

A: This is a term a friend coined, that combines self-love with self-gifting. For me, as an example it includes yoga, mediation, qi gong, walking… all of those activities that take us closer to a feeling of love and further from fear.

D: My work as an Arvigo practitioner is very much influenced by Mayan philosophies in supporting reproductive and digestive function. It very much embodies the more yin feminine energies as seen through it’s key focus on fertility and uterine health. Can you tell us a little about Chinese healing practices differ when it comes to supporting organ function.

A: In Chinese medicine the aim is to balance the energy meridians that run through the body. These invisible pathways weave their way through the organs, muscles, and tendons, and are responsible for the emotional wellbeing of the body, and the health and function of the major organs. For example the Spleen channel often has to do with constipation, fertility and fluid retention as it is responsible for holding energy in the body. If it is out of balance, the emotional impact might be worry, obsession and loss of self trust.

The quality of all of the organ functions are determined by how well the energy is moving through these meridian channels. In turn, it is never just one channel that is out, but a combination of them. If you could imagine for example, wanting to drive from San Fransisco to LA, there may be a number of traffic jams that slow the movement and create congestion. In balancing the organ meridians we are clearing the congestion, opening other possible routes for traffic to flow through, and allowing smooth flow of energy so the organs can work together to create harmony.

D: How can a treatment help digestive and reproductive health issues?

A: Each meridian is responsible for maintaining the function of different organs, the quality of the structure, blood and energy, as well as, the emotional health. A treatment therefore, starts with assessing what the overall condition of the body and mind is, and what might be causing the imbalance energetically. In releasing the beliefs and emotions of the organ meridians, the energy is balanced and health is restored. I have had clients who, have not eaten in days, and after a session had their full appetite restored. I have had clients with fertility issues who were unaware of their deeper fears and were able to transform the fears to support a successful conception. The work varies, and each client is different, however the basic principle is to balance the energy pathways through acupressure, so the body can come back into harmony both emotionally and physically.

D: Are there any stand out sessions with clients that have perhaps deepened your practice as a healer?

A: I believe that the mind and the body are closely connected; in fact science has a hard time determining which precedes the expression of emotion, if in fact feeling happy triggers the smile, or if the smile initiates the experience of happiness. Regardless of which comes first, one of my biggest rewards comes when chronic tension and stress is alleviated from the body because of a shift in belief systems and energy healing. This can come about either through client awareness & coaching, an ease of the muscular tension with acupressure, or the channelling of spiritual healing into the body. It is always a moment of awe and honor when client’s digestion, fertility, pain, frozen shoulders, grief, depression etc are relieved through a combination of touch, talk and spirit.

D: That outcome would be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, what else puts a smile or your dial?

A: What truly puts a smile on my face is nature. That brilliant beauty that we see when we stop and look, and see the vibration and energy of everything around us, and how we are in fact a part of that energetic system.

D: Amazing stuff! Think I need to book a session with you when I get back to Oz and before all your spots get filled up! And if others want to do the same how can people connect with you?

A: I offer clinic based Sessions when I am on tour, which focus on energy work, acupressure and intuitive coaching. I also facilitate retreats and workshops around the world with and co-host events with fabulous colleagues such as yourself! I offer classes both online and in studios that include spiritually guided mediations, Qi Gong classes, as well as acupressure certificate training.

“Healing in the body, or mind is not an end-result; it is a journey of compassion, and a toolbox of choices towards self-love.”

Adria Ellis

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The A (+D) Team are back! Keep an eye out over the coming months for news re. workshops which Adria and I will be running together once more!


If you would like to experience a transformational healing journey, then be sure to book your session now. For a limited time Adria will be offering a fusion of energy healing, acupressure, and intuitive coaching for the mind, body and spirit in Byron Bay, Sydney and online.

More info at: adriaellis.com


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