Consultations via Phone or Skype

Please read through the information below before booking your consultation.

Receive ongoing personalised support, encouragement and guidance from wherever you are in the world by connecting with Danielle via phone or Skype. Sometimes life takes over and for whatever reason it becomes almost impossible to squeeze in an appointment at a clinic. All our emotions get stored and tucked away in the belly, much like our thoughts get stored and stuck in our head. Sometimes simply unpacking these emotions and reviewing our thoughts is enough to get the belly back on track. Danielle helps you to examine your current situation to gain clarity and perspective that enables you to continue moving forwards rather than backwards or simply going round in circles!

The First Consultation session is a prerequisite to any session either in clinic or phone/Skype. Please click here if you need to complete this First Consultation. If you have the First Consult under your belt and you are ready to book, please click on the ENQUIRE button to let us know what time of day best suits you to do your 60 minute via phone or Skype. Please provide your contact phone number and/or Skype name in your email.


You will receive an email confirming your appointment time. Your booking is confirmed following payment.

What clients are saying...
You created a very special safe space, even over the phone. Very loving, easy & free. A talent that very few therapists have. I'm lucky to have found you!