60 minutes

Please read through the information here before booking your First Consultation.

Prior to your first consultation, you will be sent a client form to complete in full and return ready for your phone consultation. The client form is an integral part of your healing journey and brings into focus all aspects affecting the health and happiness of your abdomen.  Based on the information on your client form, Danielle will share with you during your call important tools for connecting and tuning into your belly that will set the foundation for your healing journey.

This session is designed to empower you from the very beginning, to take charge of your belly’s wellness and to champion its happiness from wherever you spend the majority of your time, whether that is at home, at work, out and about or on your travels.

This session is carried out via phone or Skype.

During your First Consultation we will:

  • Talk in depth about what you have shared on your client form
  • Simplify what can often be a super frustrating and confusing part of life – ongoing, unresolved abdominal health issues
  • Discover how current behaviours and beliefs maybe contributing to your health issue
  • Unearth other possible physical, mental and emotional blocks that you may not have thought about
  • Look at the life lessons behind certain health issues
  • Arm you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your way through appointments with specialists and visits to your GP
  • Chat through simple natural self care practices to keep you and your belly happy and healthy
  • Discuss ways in which your nearest and dearest may support you better
  • Create a plan of action so that you can move forward
  • Help you establish a super strong and unbreakable bond with your belly

For your First Consultation create your own little bliss bubble…

To fully honour your time and yourself, create a space and time in your day when you can be free of interuptions. The perfect spot will offer you a space to sit, recline or lie down. Light a candle if that feels good. Writing materials are good to have for jotting down thoughts, ideas, reflections after your session.

If you are ready to book, please click on ENQUIRE and advise us as to the time of day that best suits you to do your 60 minute First Consultation via phone / Skype. A phone number or a Skype address will be required.


You will then receive an email confirming your appointment time along with the client form to complete and return prior to your First Consultation. Your booking will be confirmed once payment has been received.

What clients are saying...
Thanks for the initial consult session. I really enjoyed the meditation and had never previously thought about engaging and connecting with my organs separately and what I found that each organ relished the opportunity to be engaged and connected with. I felt light and content and look forward to engaging with the self care practices using the amazing herbs from my garden.
Thank you for a wonderful session. The practices sound amazing. I am so excited to get started on this journey.
It was such a lovely session. The meditation was so divine & powerful. It was such a simple thing with breathing oxygen consciously through to your abdominal area, which would help all your organs do their job properly. I really like how they had little personalities and by simply acknowledging them, they lit up & were really happy.
I found the initial consultation insightful and paramount to the hands on healing session. It gave me the knowledge and detail to prepare my body both mentally and emotionally to be more accepting of the Hands on healing session.
My first consultation with Danielle immediately put my mind at ease and helped put everything into perspective. I felt comfortable and at ease to work through everything and finished the session feeling rejuvenated!
My first consultation was really rewarding. I felt secure and comfortable sharing my symptoms and worries with Danielle and I was surprised how much I gained from the conversation. I found the meditation particularly helpful to get more in tune with my abdominal area and benefited from exploring what factors determine its health through the session.
Thank you so much for the teleconsult. I learned so much from you in the 1 hour.