Emotional Wellbeing


” You created a very special safe space, even over the phone. Very loving, easy & free. A talent that very few therapists have. I’m lucky to have found you!”
” I walked away from my appointment with a whole new attitude towards my belly! I am now on the path to mending my relationship with it and showing it some love.”
” I generally just feel more alive in my lower abdominal / pelvic region and I remembered what you said about the lines of communication opening up as a result of the treatment. Anyway, no complaints here! Only gratitude for the wonderful work that you do.”
” It seems every time I see you shorty after I start to understand so much more about myself… You truly are an amazing person. Meeting you has been such an integral part of my life…”
” It was the first time in months my belly had felt relaxed.”
” I found the session relaxing, insightful and felt it just made sense!”
” I took away from the session a strong sense of communication; with myself, my higher self, my belly, my organs… asking questions, and really listening for the answers.”
” This will change the way you think and feel about your belly.”
” Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of healing. With your help this year, I have been able to explore a deeper part of myself that I love. You are an angel on earth.”
” Thank you so much for your care and attention to help me re connect with my belly! The session with you has highlighted areas in my life that need more awareness, and I am grateful to you for bringing this to my attention. I am glad that I took the time to go through the questionnaire you provided, as it allowed me to reflect on questions I, nor anyone else, had really asked before. It is a powerful tool of self examination. Since treatment, I feel more grounded as a woman and more accepting of my experiences and emotions in my life so far!”
” Abdominal Therapy healed a burden I didn’t know I was carrying. A huge shift took place within me. Afterwards, I was drained but felt a profound sense of lightness and peace.”
” I felt an immediate connection to Danielle, she exudes warmth and peace and I felt so comfortable and soothed by her presence. The treatment had me floating on clouds and I really sensed that I let so much go on an emotional and spiritual level. The experience is different to normal deep massage and although light in touch the level of deep relaxation shows how incredible the human body is once given the chance to let go and be still. Danielle described this to me as ‘Letting the mind take a back seat and your spiritual and physical being take a turn in the driving seat’ that explains perfectly what I felt. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Danielle and give my body such an incredible, beautiful experience, I feel that my body has been reminded to function as it is supposed to and not simply responding via memory of habits that have developed over the years.”
” The Mayan Abdominal Therapy for me was an utterly magical experience. I found the sacral massage very relaxing and releasing, and the abdominal massage, for some reason, filled me with a profound sense of joy; great waves of joy. I wanted to jump off the table and dance with joy!”
” Thanks very much for your nurturing treatment. I definitely felt and am feeling the benefits, I feel more open and relaxed in my whole abdominal area and feel some shifts in general and feeling greater clarity and balance in myself..more grounded and less cluttered in myself.”


” Thanks Danielle. I have made some very big life changes over the past 12 months and have really been on a journey of self-inquiry. The treatments I had with you, were really the beginning of what has been – and continues to be – an epic journey! One of the things I have learned is that I hold and direct a lot of my emotions into my belly and it manifests physically. It feels so wonderful to be more in touch with my physical self and to understand that negative thoughts and emotions can manifest physically. I am looking forward to touching base with the treatment again and seeing what comes up!”
“Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the treatment you gave me and for showing me the self care. I’ve continued to do the self care massage everyday since my last session with you. I’ve found on days when my belly is really tight and sore if I lie down for 15 mins and go through the steps you showed me I find it really helps calm everything down.”
“I have a number of health issues, some particularly degenerative in nature. Having experienced the benefits of Abdominal Therapy has furthered me on my journey of securing my optimum wellness. Abdominal Therapy can only do you good.”
“I’ve had many styles of massage before from Kahuna to Shiatsu and deep tissue, however receiving a Mayan Abdominal Therapy from Danielle was a whole other experience. Let’s just say it was like I went to other planes! For healing and general balance and well being I can’t recommend a session with Danielle enough.”