17 Dec January Sky Candy Report by Deb Menderin ♥

And so it begins! 2018 commences with a lush Full Moon in the home loving sign of Cancer on January 2nd, bringing forth the need to connect with those who matter most and ensuring your emotional world is being tended to. Subtle and sensitive Neptune urges us to take a well-needed time out after the mad rush to the finish line of what was 2017. If your body says rest, please listen. Full Moon’s signify a letting go of sorts, so wrap up what needs to be left behind now. Creative and spiritual pursuits call, or at the very least, a soothing cup of tea.

It’s all systems go from the 6th of January onwards. There are some truly magnificent planetary alignments just itching to be harnessed so make hay while the sun shines. The first is a link from communication planet Mercury to innovative Uranus. Ideas and conversations are highly creative and introduce “think outside the box” solutions to a dilemma from August of last year.

On the same day is the annual meeting of Mars and Jupiter. This is a force to be reckoned with! Found in the intuitive sign of Scorpio, this celestial combination is wonderful for initiating bold projects and giving you the energy and confidence to push them over the finish line. Mars is in rulership in Scorpio, giving you extra swagger. Be mindful that what you are seeking to achieve is something you care deeply about. Scorpio energy can spot the inauthentic from a mile off!

The love of power or the power of love is a massive theme on the 8th, 9th and 10th of January. Stepping up to the plate in terms of what you’re willing to do for a partner, whether in romance or business, and if you’re receiving that in return will be a hot topic. The flipside of this intensity is the need for control. You can move mountains now, as the energy is epic to say the least, but check in as to any hidden agendas lurking beneath the surface. That includes your own! Discussions around freedom versus duty come off the back of this time on the 13th and 14th of the month.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 17th snuggles up nice and close to Venus signifying fresh starts in love and money. With six planets crowding this ambitious sign she may work her magic in your career as well. Perfect! Although conversations will be commitment oriented stay open to changes in direction.

The Sun moves into easy breezy Aquarius on January the 20th, opening the flood gates to our bi annual eclipse season. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the regal sign of Leo on the 31st sees January out with a bang! It lends conviction to make a break from whom or whatever has kept us unfulfilled. Our courage is awakened and opens the door to the future. It whispers; I’ve got your back if you’re willing to take the first step. Take a deep breath lovelies…


Deborah Menderin is a 4th generation Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader with over 20 years professional experience. Known for her honest, highly empathic and accurate readings she combines her intuitive gifts with insight from the stars. Deborah holds certification in Astrology, Mediumship and Channelling, Reiki and Meditation, is a published writer and has appeared on Psychic TV Australia. She brings energy, sensitivity and a down to earth approach to all her readings and is passionate in sharing what Spirit shares with her. Deborah is available for sessions in London or worldwide via her website: www.lunachic.com.au


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