DAY:  Sunday (Fortnightly)

TIME: 10am BST / 7pm AEST

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Join Danielle for her complimentary call via Zoom helping you to Let Go of the Sh**…..


The call is a great way to not only connect with Danielle if you have not yet worked with her but also a great opportunity to learn self care practices she has been sharing for many years with her clients that help them to Let Sh** Go….


Identifying the root cause of our health challenge is THE first step in supporting the natural flow of both the digestive and reproductive systems. If the channels of flow that service the belly and its organs feel blocked, congested, stuck then the body will soon let us know and will continue to let us know through a smorgasbord of health issues ranging from the acute to the chronic.  On this call discover the simple techniques Danielle uses in her clinic to help let go and go with the flow helping your digestive and reproductive systems to fire on all cylinders. After all a Happy Belly equals a Happy You…

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These calls are FREE to New Moon Mail Subscribers and those currently on Danielle’s client mail out list.

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