Living the Luna Life

Living the Luna Life™ was created following many requests from clients, colleagues and friends for a space where they could simply relax, rest, restore, replenish, renew, revitalise, reset and most importantly reconnect with themselves, with other like minded souls and with the world around them under the soft gaze of our beautiful Moon…

The Moon’s energy is ripe to help release anything that is no longer serving us whether they are thoughts, habits or old unhelpful behaviours. In this process of letting go we create space and energy to focus on and invite into our lives all that supports, nourishes and nurtures us.

Founder of Living the Luna Life™

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Music: Dusk to Dawn by Emancipator ~ Photographer: Monica Dranger ~ Event:  Living the Luna Life Super Full Moon Goddess Gathering, Melbourne June 2013

Take me to the Moon and back…