28 Nov Love Your Selfie

In a world of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ it’s beginning to feel that we have strayed far from our own magnificent path as we get lost down countless rabbit holes of distraction. Validation for many is measured by our Instagram or Twitter feed and I am finding I like Snapchat faces more than actual human ones, with their cute bunny ears and sweet Bambi eyes.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or are growing tired of ‘unsocial media’ then once you have read this turn off whatever technology device you find yourself reading this from and start shifting the focus onto what is shared from here on in…

Whether you are into social media or not, you will no doubt feel its effects as those around you – friends, your children, your partner, work colleagues, people on the street choose to look downward at a small hand held device rather than interact with what’s right in front of them. Lost in a cyber web, a synthetic creation that once again has us compare, contrast, compete, repeat. Of course there is the flip side, if used well it can help us simplify life like ordering online or booking a holiday, banking, paying a bill. I have consciously chosen to keep my screen time for these kinda things and have significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on social media. The result – I feel more centred and more likely to follow my intuition and feel out my own creativity rather than get caught up in an Instagram feed and come away feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and feeling like whatever I do, it will never be as good as so and so’s Instagram page.

Place Of Peace, Love And Reflection – P.O.P.L.A.R

To keep myself feeling centred, intuitive and creative on an ongoing basis I have created a space at home I call my POPLAR.  I also travel with elements of my POPLAR so that wherever I am I can connect back in with myself. The space is home to trinkets and treasures that remind me of who I am and which, when feeling a little scrambled and scattered, bring me back to myself.  Some people may call this space an altar or shrine but I prefer something that reflects my changing moods and energy depending on where I am in my cycle.

With all the distractions on the outside whether it be looking at someone else’s selfie or taking your own, turning the lens inwards on your inner selfie can sometimes offer up far more unique and authentic solutions. When I have found my self deafened by the noise the of social media I often find myself needing to switch off from it all and head back to what I know works for me. Sitting in a place of peace, love and reflection is my starting point. From there life finds its flow once more.

POPLAR Etiquette

This space is sacred.

To touch anything on another’s POPLAR is considered bad manners.

Keep it clean.  The beautiful appearance of this space symbolises the respect and love you have for yourself.

This space is abundant with all things positive and gorgeous.  There is no room for self criticism or self judgement.


Creating your POPLAR

  • Find a beautiful mirror and place this in the centre of the space, in doing so, you will always be the focus and centre piece of your practice in honouring yourself.
  • This space can be inside or outside or both.
  • If there is a particular Goddess that holds special meaning to you and embodies the values you hold dear, you can add to the space anything that represents her.
  • Keep a set of your favourite affirmation or oracle cards next to your POPLAR. Pull a card whenever the mood takes you.
  • Have each element and direction represented in this space with one or a mix of the items listed:


Earth – rock, crystals, precious stones, sand. North facing Earth also includes salt and the colours black, brown, green.

Air – feather, incense. East facing Air also includes topaz and the colour white, pale yellow and pale blue.

Fire – candle.  South facing Fire also includes the precious stone ruby and the colours red, gold, crimson, orange.

Water – cup, water vase, sea shells, dolphins and mermaids, your mirror is considered a water element also. West facing Water also includes aquamarine and the colours black, indigo, grey, green, blue, aqua.

Spirit – music, chimes, bell.

Now shut down your laptop, ipad, phone and start gathering, creating and crafting that unique space on the outside so that you may connect with that unique being on the inside – your inner selfie

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