24 Oct Guest Post: Moon Gazing by Zoe Tuckwell-Smith ♥

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein (he knew a thing or two)

An exercise I offer to you all for a one month experiment on yourself is Moon Gazing.  This practice is simple, natural and deeply harmonising.  The effects include:

  • Linking the menstrual cycle to the Luna cycle of 28 days exactly (if you are not on birth control and sometimes even if you are).
  • Easing menstrual pain and balancing hormones.
  • Establishing a healthy natural menstrual cycle in teenage girls. (if going on birth control please try and commence menstrual phase on the dark moon or full moon, whichever is closer to their own natural cycle).
  • Ovulating on the full or dark moon and menstruating on the full or dark moon.  (This is extremely helpful if you are trying to conceive and keep track of your ovulation.)
  • Stabilising moods through observing a reference point in nature.
  • Helping plan activity and rest phases according to natures guide.
  • For men, connecting more to their emotions, deep feelings and inner wisdom.  If in a relationship it can help you in the practice of tantra with a partner by conjoining your energies.

How to practice.

Each night simply go outside, find the moon in the sky and acknowledge your connection to it. You could place your hand on your belly as you do this, or simply give it a nod in recognition of it’s ever-presence.  Sometimes you can see the moon in the day and this is ok also.  Other times, when there is heavy cloud cover you may just see it’s dim light or nothing at all in which case you can just look up to the sky and hold the intention of connecting with the moon.

The phases you will observe and some of their possible effects.  I urge you to interpret how you feel individually though and as always question and find the true meaning for yourself.

Full Moonfull circle, light sky.

Abundance, celebration, active phase.

Waning Moon gradually diminishing circle through to crescent.

Clearing out, letting go, gradually journeying inwards.

Dark Moon – no moon, dark sky.

Resting phase, deep meditation, inner world, resting.

Waxing Moon – crescent gradually growing to circle.

Filling up, rejuvenating, building, growing.

Do this for a month and decide if it is something you would like to continue.  Some find it takes just one moon cycle to “link in”.  Others find there is an adjustment in their own cycle closer to either the full or dark moon and with continued practice their cycles will eventually link.

Often the most profound practices are also the simplest.  May Moon Gazing bring you closer than ever to your self and your own inner wisdom.  We are our own best teachers.

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