30 Nov Chai & Chats with Fran Verbeek creator of The Happi Empire ♥

Fran walks, talks and radiates Happiness! Her super sunny disposition and playfulness is infectious and I am so excited to share just an incy wincy piece of her ‘inspirationalness’ with readers of the Belly Blog (it would appear she has even inspired me to create a whole new word!).


Danielle x

D: Hello lovely Fran! I am so Happi to chat with you about your empire and your new range of Happi offerings! With so much sadness in the world right now it is so lovely to even see the word ‘Happi’! So tell us about what inspired you to create the Happi Empire?

F: I started the Happi Empire for a couple of reasons. Firstly, what we immerse ourselves in is really important. The energy of what we’re around every day, the people & the purpose of the work you do hugely effect your mind, body & soul. I had a strong urge to reject what I had been offered to do in life through school and instead, create a world & business that was more in line with a magical wonderland of creativity, light & love. Secondly, we are constantly being barraged with terror, fear and control via the media and news. I believe change on a global scale starts from within every individual person. If each one of us focus on balancing, loving & fulfilling ourselves first, before we go out into the world to blame or control our circumstances, then peace would reign. So ultimately, it’s all about World Peace! 😀

D: You have a divine new range of Happi products! Can you give us the low down on what inspirational delights we can find on your online store?

F: Awww yay! I would love to! All my products are inspired by things that have helped me shift into new levels of inner happiness personally. My newest baby is a ‘Self Care Playbook’. This is basically a playbook that has little exercises & processes to shift your focus within & fill you up from the inside, so you can radiate out your loving positive vibes to everyone around you. It’s filled with fun exercises & pretty affirmations. I also have created two new Art Card sets, which have affirmations for love & inner happiness, based off the art in the Self Care Playbook. In December, I am super excited to re-launch Happi Cards, a palm sized card deck of affirmations & inspiration. Happi Cards were actually my first product 12 years ago, but I have redesigned & tweaked them to include mandalas charged with positive energy, ready to empower you! Also in my store, you will find a Gratitude Journal, a Happy Balance pad, an Affirmation Creator pad and a Create Your Dreams manifesting pad. In the new year, I’m launching my first online kit, called ‘Mini Home Retreat’. This is in collaboration with 3 amazing mentors in yoga, transformation & tai chi, which takes you through a 100% guided 24hr home retreat.

D: What are some of your favourite affirmations from your Happi card deck?


I am worthy of the greatest life & love I can imagine.

Manifest something simple (like a parking space) for practise.

Your suffering & pain cultivates gifts that will make your future golden.

Letting stuff go is the key to happiness, peace & freedom. Forgive it all, big & small.

Be still and listen to your higher self. You have all the answers. 

Focus on your breathing for one minute to create peace & calm.

D: I love the use of the word ‘Play’ in place of the word ‘Work’ and have also created ‘Playshops’ for people to explore and learn more about keeping their belly Happi and well. It’s such a fun approach to discovering more about yourself.  Not work at all! The Playsheets and Playbooks are a great way to get focused. How have you used them in your life?

F: Every time I have felt blocked, stuck or depressed in life, I have found that the exercises in my playbooks & playsheets have helped me shift my perspective, so I could move out of whatever energy I found myself stuck in. They help me challenge what I believe about myself & what can be true for me. Which is why I wanted to share them, because they have been so powerful for me. Generally, if you put attention on an area where you are stuck, it shifts. Whether this attention is in the form of physically breathing into an area of your body that feels stuck, or mentally writing about the area you’re stuck about. I also love yoga for shifting stuck energy. If we have a block, we will experience it on all levels of our mind, body & soul in some form, so by using your attention & focusing on one of those levels, you will experience a shift and things in your life will start moving in a more fulfilling direction.

D: Your Gratitude Journal is gorgeous! How important has journaling been for you?

F: Thank you! 🙂 Omg journalling has been my absolute power tool! It’s different for everyone, but I find that as soon as I put pen to paper & write out my problem, it creates a space in my head for the answer to pop in. Generally, my higher self takes over when I’m journalling and everything becomes clear. When I say everything, I mean the next step. Because that is all we ever need to know to proceed.

D: Do you have a daily practice that keeps you in a Happi place in what can seem like a very sad and dark world right now?

F: I sure do! I never read or watch the news as it just brings my energy right down. I am aware of the big tragedies of our time, and I believe the way to help & heal our world is by spreading peace, light & love. We can’t control the outer world, but as the outer world is controlled by our collective inner world, that is where our power lies. I don’t really have a daily practice, which is maybe why I’m not enlightened quite yet 😉 But I have a handful of go-to practices when I feel stressed, stuck or depressed. They are:

  • Journalling – like I said above, when I put pen to paper, it’s like I’m clearing the rubbish from my mind and letting my higher self take over.
  • Gratitude – Filling in a few pages of my Gratitude Journal shifts me to a positive, abundant perspective.
  • Pick an oracle card – I have a couple of favourite decks that are so full of wisdom. If I feel super blocked and can’t get any answers by journalling, I pull a couple of cards whilst thinking about the block & I usually get a renewed perspective from which I can move forward.
  • Yoga – Again with the blocked energy, moving your physical body moves your mind out of the blocked space and into a more hopeful energy. Yoga poses are created to calm the mind ready for meditation – ready to receive oneness. If you have a good teacher that doesn’t just treat yoga as a physical sport, you will be guided through poses that unlock your energy.
  • Meditation – aaaah. I love a guided meditation that takes you into alignment with who you really are. From this place, your mind is slowed & your problems seem much less serious. Then life is just easier to deal with from this perspective.
  • Dancing – a personal fave & not for every depressed moment! But if you can make yourself, whack on your headphones & dance to at least one song you like, all the way through. You will be a different person on the other side!!! If you’re not, email me and I will send you a personal apology haha!

D: What can we do more of to stay Happi?

F: Check in with yourself every day. How am I feeling? What do I need today to fill up my joy tanks? What is one step I can take today towards my dream life? And then DO THEM. Stay in touch with yourself & draw your power from within, by doing the things above, or other things that suit you. Surround yourself with loving, positive people who lift you up. Do something you love every day. Life coaches are great because they keep you accountable for doing the things that fill you up.

D: Which humans inspire you the most?

F: Enlightened ones. Humans that have dedicated their life to inner peace, happiness & oneness, because it’s the most challenging journey. People that meditate and do yoga every day. And on a separate note, a really good sense of style hahahah! 

D: How can one become a Happi citizen?

F: There are 3 ways to become a Happi citizen!

1. Visit my website www.thehappiempire.com and sign up to my monthly happi emails! 

2. Get yourself a Happi Licence: http://www.thehappiempire.com/all-products/happi-licence/

3. Live a life that fills you up, spread love & positivity & be the real you!

D: Finally, what puts a smile on your face, apart from puppies and kittens?

F: Dancing, yoga, painting, beautiful interiors and new clothes! My friends, my fiancé and my family 😀


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