“I want to thank you again for our last session and for creating such a supportive and safe environment.  I was feeling so ungrounded and you really helped me re-group and focus.  I came back to myself and my body was thankful for it!  I got my period immediately after our session and I believe it’s because you helped my body and mind relax.”

” I saw Danielle because I was suffering with very severe attacks of pain during ovulation and painful periods. After my first session with Danielle, my tummy felt incredibly light and actually felt comfortable for the first time in years. After further sessions, my period and ovulation pain has dramatically reduced and I feel emotionally lighter. I also love that Danielle gives you the tools to help you take control of your healing and self-care. Danielle is a gentle, nurturing, intuitive, skilled practitioner and I would highly recommend her beautiful treatments.”
“I recently went to see my happy uterus lady (HUL)– that’s not her official job title, it’s just what I like to call her. I initially went to see Danielle – a Maya Abdominal Therapist – to increase my chances of fertility and to improve my female health. When I sat with her and gave her my reproductive history we both realised there was a whole lot more to work on. I had cysts on my right ovary, a retroverted uterus, a missing Bartholin duct and I had suffered menstrual cramps for almost 27 years – not severe cramps, but enough to make me reach for the hot water bottle and feel miserable for half the day. The first period after my treatment was different – I had NO cramps, NO pain and I felt fabulous all day. Wow!! I was really blown away – I had been suffering my whole menstrual life and now after a massage treatment with HUL…. nothing!! And the happy news for husband – no more hot water bottle duty! I’m currently writing about my whole experience with Danielle and the transformation of my female health in what I hope will be the last chapter of the book.”
“You are beyond wonderful (and amusing) and my uterus and I send our appreciation.”
“Thank you so much for your care and attention to help me re connect with my belly! The session with you has highlighted areas in my life that need more awareness, and I am grateful to you for bringing this to my attention. I am glad that I took the time to go through the questionnaire you provided, as it allowed me to reflect on questions I, nor anyone else, had really asked before. It is a powerful tool of self examination. Since treatment, I feel more grounded as a women and more accepting of my experiences and emotions in my life so far!”
“Arvigo Therapy is such deeply profound work. I feel it has initiated the birth of the Sacred feminine within me, as all the cellular memories are released, and my true essence is finally set free. I see Danielle’s role as being like a spiritual midwife, helping us to give birth to ourselves. Heartfelt thanks for this precious gift.”

“I cannot describe with words how happy I am! I just came home from my gynaecologist check after 6 months. There is NO SIGNS OF ANY PCOS ANYMORE!!! My effort is rewarded! I cannot find neither words to say THANK YOU enough as you are helping me! I really appreciate this, thank you thank you very much! You should see the face of my gynaecologist when I told him that I didn’t take any hormones pills which he gave it to me. He did ultrasound again, he was pressing on my belly, checking all over, pressing, checking – NOTHING. I ask him if he can see at least a little, and he said NOTHING, he told me that this cycles is completely normal and there is no sign of any polycystic ovaries. I told him that my skin is now 90% better, I feel better, no pains in belly anymore,… he couldn’t believe it that I know all this needed info!”

“Thanks for holding my hand through this journey and helping me grow into the person and mother I know I can be.”

“Danielle is the only woman I know that could make a woman pregnant!”

“I truly believe my treatments with Danielle greatly assisted me connecting with my body in a more positive way and helped me to become a lot more relaxed about conceiving and put me into a state of ‘trust’ that if I relaxed and remained open nature would take its course and sure enough it did.”

“Thank you so much, for a beautiful, powerful treatment. You have a lovely touch; very gentle and reassuring. As for my uterus, well whatever we did – the talking about her, the treatment to her – we woke her up! Really brought her into being. All night last night I kept half awakening – maybe 10 times – and every time she was talking! I have no idea what she was saying, but talking she was. It was all I could think about as I half woke and went back to sleep. Chatter, chatter, chatter! Wow, she has a lot to say!”

“At 29 I had suffered with cramps, gas and bloating for many years. Most days after lunch my stomach would get so bloated I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. I couldn’t hold my tummy in because of the cramps and stiches. It was uncomfortable, embarrassing and would last for the rest of the day. Also although I had previously never suffered terribly with period pain, they were starting to become more painful – I woke up one night with such severe pains I practically couldn’t move. After my first session of Abdominal Therapy I noticed a staggering difference. My bloating and cramps were much less and my periods have since been almost entirely pain free. After the second session, my symptoms of bloating and pain are pretty much entirely gone. My stomach is back to flat (it used to be like that all the time, but I’d forgotten as it had been so long since Id seen it like that!). The self care was taught to me so well that even though Its been several weeks since my last session, I feel still reap the benefits of Abdominal Therapy by doing it on myself. I think that not only has my body has benefited immensely from Abdominal Therapy, but my mind has too. Thank you Danielle!”

“Danielle’s exceptional kindness and love of the Feminine provided my wounded soul and body with a truly safe place to exist and start healing. The humanity and touch was a drastic and welcome change from the cold clinical world of diagnostics and harsh clinical terms that had come to define me as a problem with feet. Body and soul made happy. Now we’re talking! Thank you Danielle!”

“I seem to have had a dramatic increase in my sexual appetite(!) and I wondered if that is one of the benefits of the treatment? I couldn’t find any mention of it specifically on the website, but there were so many similar benefits that I figured it might be just a happy side-effect!”