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‘One on one’ sessions provide a great space to focus on your own stuff, which often peaks an interest in discovering what else and who else is out there on a similar journey. Over the years, I have been asked by many clients if I can create spaces and places where they can meet and connect with other like minded souls walking a similar path of self discovery.

It has been my absolute pleasure to create the following ‘time outs’ to suit many of the requests that follow after one on one sessions.

It is so soothing to realise that others have gone through the same things as you are experiencing and are able to offer words and insights, ways of understanding at a deeper level.

Cyclical Living Workshops

Womb and Moon on a bicycle

This is no Saturday morning spin class this is a slow leisurely Sunday style cycle taking in the scene, breathing in the fresh air, exploring all that is on offer…

These playshops are fun and informative and not like work at all so it seems a little strange to call them workshops.
I already feel reconnected with my belly and I know that I have to make more time to nurture my belly. The seasons to match my cycle makes perfect sense.

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Love YOU to the Moon & Back Retreats

These retreats have been created to help any woman who has been struggling to fully claim back a beautiful happy and healthy belly. International practitioner Danielle Rickwood provides a nurturing fusion of Ancient Mayan principles of healing alongside practical tools designed to restore a blissful bond with you and your belly. For those who are already enjoying a deeper connection with their belly, many have shared that this missing piece in the puzzle when all other routes via other natural and medical approaches had been exhausted.

Retreats are usually offered in partnership with other teachers and practitioners to offer a a fully holistic experience for mind, body and spirit.

Living the Luna Life Retreats range from 3-5 days and have been enjoyed in Canada, Morocco, UK, Hawaii and Australia thus far. More retreats coming soon. To be the first to know please join the mailing list by clicking here.

I walked away with a whole new attitude towards my belly. I am now on the path to mending my relationship with it and showing it some love.
Your workshop took me deeply into an area of my body which I had not consciously explored before. I was able to be more present with my own pain and through that experience transform it.

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Women’s Wellness Circles

Join like minded lovely ladies in your local area all of whom delight in gathering together to rest, relax, share, laugh, learn, create, grow.

I really loved last night, I slept beautifully afterwards. I definitely learnt a lot and have lots of things to reflect on.
Thanks so much for last night Danielle, it was a really beautiful evening. You made us all so welcome and I definitely came away feeling refreshed and more relaxed. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.
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