The Gratitude Experience is an experience like no other… It incorporates the mind blowing modality that is Belief Coding® but with a difference..

The difference being that instead of just looking at one discomfort it looks at an unlimited number of discomforts. And instead of creating up to 5 new beliefs around one discomfort we’re creating in excess of 30-120 beliefs for multiple discomforts!

This side shoot to Belief Coding® is called Mind Navigation.

And does exactly that, a beautiful process that navigates the mind to unearth at the root self limiting beliefs that have created a number of discomforts.

There can be a theme that we can address using Mind Navigation and pilot studies around body image have already been successfully completed with some incredible outcomes look to the right to see some of the conversations happening in the latest Gratitude Experience – The Body Gratitude Experience (BGE).

If you’re keen to join the next intake for BGE email today to register your interest