30 May Slow is the new Fast

It’s bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Ever since our first family camping trip to Dorset on the British south coast back in the early 80’s I have always associated bank holidays with traffic, service station stop offs (the Little Chef was a particular fave with its free lollies in exchange for a clean plate), the tape player jammed with Dire Straits and Chris Rea on repeat and the overly exhaustive question ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ also, on repeat. Today our road trips still include most of the above although Chris Rea’s Road to Hell has been replaced with somewhat more uplifting podcasts. The golden arches still signal its time for a general pit stop although the allure of chicken nuggets and chips has diminished somewhat only to be replaced with the ‘I want to eat something healthy but what on earth am I going to find in a service station?’

I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘H’.

Health? Happiness? Hare? Hyundai?

Possibly all of the above but most definitely the first two if you are lucky enough to be road tripping through NSW, Australia these days.

On one of my recent trips travelling between Sydney and Melbourne it was becoming billboard size obvious that the golden arches maybe eclipsed by the green bean.

would you like beans with that 2

Introducing Oliver’s… ‘We use whole foods; these are natural untainted foods, which are rich in their natural endowment of nutrients. Whenever possible we use ‘Organically Grown’ to promote not only our health, but also the health of our planet. Our juices are freshly squeezed every day, from raw fruits and veggies, which have powerful healing and rejuvenating properties. We are also committed to the health of our future generations. That’s why Oliver’s Real Food has created healthy kids packs.’

Take it slow with your ‘food to go’

The consumption of fast food has created a fast track to ill health. This slow food revolution is turning back the clocks and providing us with real food straight from Mother Natures Menu. Olivers not only supports good health and wellbeing but also offers nutritious and delicious menus for those requiring gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or vegan options. Heaven if you are on the road and needing to nourish yourself with goodness.


Although Oliver’s has yet to reach UK shores the movement is already happening as I found out when I left my London clinic in search of a yummy warming nutritious and filling lunch ‘on the go’ between clients. Walking through Victoria station all the usual suspects were hanging out – Burger King, KFC, McDonalds. Just about to admit defeat I took another exit out of the station and stumbled across Leon. From the outside it looked like a fancy French creperie but on closer inspection the words ‘Naturally Fast Food’ began to emerge from within their very belle époque French inspired logo.


One of the most common retorts when I mention eating and choosing organic ‘but it’s so expensive’. Well, look no further than this…

The new chicken nugget – Chargrilled Chicken Super Pot £3.50 or super charge it up to the Chargrilled Chicken Aioli Superfood Salad £5.85



When it comes to slow food joints like Leon and Oliver’s the only question left now is ‘Please Sir can we have some more?’

If you have come across some fab healthy eating spots on your travels this bank holiday please share in the comments below or on the facebook page.

All together now! ‘This is the rooooad to Health’ 😉  Ha! couldn’t resist the added cheese factor 🙂

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