08 Jan STORY OF ARVIGO SELF CARE by Liza Roeckl and Tammy Kohlschmidt

Healing and Spiritual work has been my true passion since I was a child. This lifelong desire to help others through spiritual healing led me to become a Reiki Master, Creative Art Therapist, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, and a Certified Arvigo Practitioner®.
As a healer and someone who loves to explore healthy living in all areas of my life, I maintain a clean organic diet, drink filtered water, and follow a strong spiritual and exercise practice. However, since the birth of my second child in 2012, I experienced a constant pain in my lower abdomen. On top of this, when I went into labor, I developed a 104 fever. Even after the vaginal delivery, the pain never went away. I went to many doctors and healers, but the pain remained, frustratingly unexplained.

In New York City in 2015, my flower essence therapist suggested I look into the Arvigo Technique® and that I read the book Sastun by Dr.Rosita Arvigo. The idea of becoming an Arvigo Practitioner resonated deeply in me, and I immediately read the book. According to Dr. Rosita Arvigo, the “Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ is an external, noninvasive, manipulation that helps to reposition reproductive organs and improve blood flow to the digestive organs. This simple massage shown to Dr. Arvigo by Don Elijio Panti, and later enlarged upon by Miss Hortence Robinson, has been developed and formulated into a comprehensive treatment. Through working into the abdomen it is possible to help the body achieve and maintain homeostasis-balance within and hemodynamics good blood circulation.” I felt intuitively drawn to the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™. I experienced my first Arvigo session and then signed up for Self Care in March 2015. When I attended Self Care in March, I fell completely in love with the Arvigo Technique and consistently practiced my Self Care. In June, I traveled to Portland, Oregon, for professional Arvigo training and became a practitioner. In November of 2015, at Certification Class with Dr.Rosita Arvigo, Dr. Arvigo stressed the importance of Self Care. For my healing process, I had one Arvigo Session and attended the Professional Care in June. I was and am completely devoted to my Self Care.

Right around the time I began reading Sastun, I had a thermogram with Periotherapist, Certified Clinical Thermographer, and Certified Body Talk Practitioner Tammy Kohlschmidt. A thermogram is a photo that captures the heat and inflammation in the body, which appears as colors. Cooler colors like blue indicate health, while red indicates heat and inflammation in the organs. The results of my first thermogram were shocking. There was so much red in the picture of my uterus and digestive tract, indicating excessive heat. I was upset but felt that the thermogram explained what was happening in my uterus. The image identified the pain that I was constantly experiencing.
belly before

In August of 2015, I returned to Tammy for my thermogram follow up. The results were incredible. The inflammation in my uterus was gone, and my digestive tract was mostly clear. The red colors on the monitor had changed to much lighter and cooler colors. At that moment, I realized I had not felt pain in months. When Tammy phoned me for my follow up, her first question was “What did you do?” Never had she seen such a drastic change. My answer to her was the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy™/Self Care. Below, Tammy explains the two thermograms. The pictures show how powerful this work is.
belly after

Source: Liza Roeckl

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