10 Jul Supersize Me

Arriving at the car rental company at LAX airport, I found myself marveling at the efficiency of the customer service as I was chaperoned to my car. When I booked online, the car looked like a small SUV, small enough for me to manage, big enough to act as a buffer when negotiating how to cross over six lanes of traffic to make an exit. The emphasis on the bigger, better, faster option when it comes to human consumption of commercial goods still leaves me as bewildered and amused as the car rental staff when after just one day of LA traffic in a gigantic small SUV, I returned to the depot to exchange it for a ‘downsized’ version I could safely see out of. Now sitting in a café writing this piece, I find myself smiling at a language that appears to struggle using the word ‘small’ as if it is just too insignificant. I order the American version of small in the form of a ‘tall’ latte and try not to laugh out loud when my fruit platter for one is delivered to the table.

Yet despite the physical and material aspects of American culture being ‘supersized’, the most wonderful thing to experience was the mental and emotional dimension of that outlook. I literally ‘supersized’ myself from the inside out. The ‘can do’ attitude, the ‘anything is possible’ that epitomizes the American Dream, still permeates the psyche of many Americans. The ‘tall poppy syndrome’ that can have many lead a smaller version of themselves and not experience their true potential, is rife within many dynamics including family, work, friends. So to be surrounded by an energy that allows you to take risks and encourages you to push the edges of your comfort zone is where real shifts can really take place.

“Even when others may perceive that you have failed a task, you do not see it that way. Your enthusiasm and self-assuredness sees it only as a minor setback and you will always embrace the lesson to be learnt as part of the adventure.” Unknown

Sure, there are times when you may utter the words ‘supersize me’ and it may be detrimental to your health eg. fast food chains, not naming any names. But how about when the universe offers up its own menu. Are you going to stick to the safe, tried and tested formula ‘Just the regular, small option please’. A choice that keeps you safely tucked away, denying the world the extra brightness your beaming light would bring. Or will you take the ‘Supersize Me’ option on offer with all the added extras, and a life so super that we may need to all start wearing sunglasses 24/7 to protect our eyes from the radiant bright rays that burst out from you.

When it comes to ‘supersizing’ yourself from the inside out, it will most definitely involve sampling a few other options on the menu. Yeah, you could stick to the margarita pizza, the firm, safe favourite, or you could get a little crazy and order up the dish of the day containing fancy ingredients you can’t even pronounce. So when life next dishes up an opportunity for you to follow your bliss, what option will you choose off the menu at Café Universe…

Regular Option: Listen and abide to what your inner critic has to say.
‘Supersize Me’ Option: Listen to your inner critic, thank it, then follow your bliss anyway.

Regular Option: Trust only what you know, not what you feel.
‘Supersize Me’ Option: Get out of your head and take time to listen to your heart and cease searching for evidence to back up your thoughts and feelings.

Regular Option: Self doubt.
‘Supersize Me’ Option: Choosing self assurance over self doubt sends out a message that shows we value ourselves and are willing to allow others to have their opinions that differ from ours, yet still stand strong in what we believe to be our truth.

Regular Option: Surround yourself with ‘Nay Sayers’ who want you to take the easy path that is dull, yet predictable and won’t hold any surprises or challenges for you.
‘Supersize Me’ Option: Surround yourself only with those that encourage your light to shine extra bright.

Regular Option: Fear of the unknown.
‘Supersize Me’ Option: Trust and follow your instinct. It will lead you close enough to the unknown so that you can see it was always ‘known’.

Start practicing the ‘Supersize Me’ option in one or two areas of your life and begin to see and feel the difference. You may want to call upon the help of two dear friends as you walk this path. They go by the names of Creativity and Courage. Creativity encourages us to be individual and to take risks that go outside the norm. Courage does not always require bold daring acts, it can also help unearth a quiet gentle strength from deep within.


Follow your Bliss. Live in the Centre of your Life, not on the outskirts.

My time in America reminded me that when we find the courage to take centre stage in our life, we are often pleasantly surprised that in fact the stage is warm and welcoming. By not succumbing to the fears of others, we can continue to live our life to the fullest and that your courage is simply seen as strength of character.

“Go wandering! Let the world show you the most wild path. Speaking to strangers is an excellent exercise. Use your intuition as guidance and listen to what you hear. Be exposed. Live a wild and vulnerable life. Let us see you. Laugh loudly, walk flamboyantly.” Sark.

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Nurture, Nourish and Love your Belly!

Much love

Danielle x

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