Supporting menstrual wellbeing and

creating positive talk around periods. Period.

Calling all ARTY, CRAFTY, CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE, ADVENTUROUS young women ready to jump on their menstrual cycle and pedal into womanhood feeling fabulous from the inside out!

N.B. Planners can be sent worldwide

Dear Luna Lovely,

Navigating the next phase of life in the female body will become a whole lot easier with your new best mate – the Living the Luna Life™ Monthly Planner!

We have gathered all the info, inspo and illos in one gorgeous planner that will enable you to shine and flourish wherever you’re at in your cycle.

This Monthly Planner from Living the Luna Life™ has been created and designed with YOU in mind to ensure all gorgeous young women like yourself begin your menstrual journey feeling amazing, inspired, confident, ‘in the know’, in control and ready to pedal a magical menstrual cycle from here on out. Hell yes to that! Also to sweeten things even more you’ll discover the fabulous SUPER POWERS hidden within your monthly cycle that only get revealed once you are pedalling in sync with it…

Are you ready to get your creative groove on?

We are giving away a handful of the Living the Luna Life™ Monthly Planners to a bunch of luna lovelies ready to track their cycle. You can get super creative adding your own style and flare to the pages in the planner. Who wants a boring planner with zero colour, sparkle, unicorns? Go nuts, get creative as your creative efforts and talents could win you an exclusively commissioned precious gem stone necklace OR a set of the gorgeous essential oil blends** that smell divine and help you power through your cycle like a boss! More on these beauties further down. Be careful though, your mum, sister, best mate are bound to nick either gift, they’re that gorgeous!

**essential oils are way better than perfume or body sprays! no nasties, toxins, just natural loveliness and hand blended with ♡

With love, the Positive Period Team

The Living the Luna Life™ Monthly Planner

☆ All Living the Luna Life product is Environmenstrually friendly! Using Earth Positive. Paper Source: 100% Recycled Paper.

☆ Printed using plant-based oils

☆ Hand sewn binding – no staples or plastic spiral

☆ Illuminating guides at both the end and the beginning to help you on your journey

☆ Beautifully illustrated throughout

☆ The calendar months and dates have been left open for you to fill in, to begin your journey whenever this little beauty finds its way to your bedroom, kitchen or office wall.

☆ Stickers: 2 x sheets containing 192 stickers per sheet (48 of each of the 4 inner season icons)

More info on these fab planners here

How to Get Involved:

  1. Ask your parent / guardian to read the sections below and get them to email your interest with a click of the ‘I’m In!’ button. Check JUNK MAIL as the email back from may land there!
  2. We will then send out your FREE planner. Don’t delay as we only have a limited number of planners to give away!
  3. Once your planner arrives in the post, get your parent / guardian to get in touch and we’ll run you through how to get the most out of your planner!
  4. We will keep in touch to see how you’re travelling and to answer any questions you may have. Be as creative as you like, the sky’s the limit!
I'm In!

Dear Parent / Guardian

I’m on a mission to have every young woman begin her menstrual journey on the right foot. The Positive Period Project is all about supporting menstrual wellbeing and positive talk around periods. The Monthly Planner I have created provides the foundation for tracking and loving your cycle from day 1 and I have 50 to give away.  Hooray!

As a parent / guardian of a young woman on the onset of her first period or already pedalling her cycle having ‘the chat’ around puberty can be daunting, overwhelming, awkward. So we want to remove the discomfort by gifting your luna lovely with a Living the Luna Life™ Monthly Planner. A graceful guide to managing the menstrual month. We’re leaving the Period Dramas to the BBC / ABC they do a much better job of it!

Menstrual Wellbeing Education is being introduced into the school curriculum in England as of September 2020 for ALL students regardless of gender. The planner is a gorgeous helpful creative addition to this education. With your guidance, you and your luna lovely can enjoy planning life on the outside to support life on the inside. Device free! It’s all about freeing up the hands to work some arty craftiness into the planner to make it unique and special and also give the mind and body a break from the digital world.

The intention is to have a new generation of young women pedalling menstrual cycles that has them feel positive about every aspect of it. They will learn to master, from the very outset, how to gracefully navigate the changing needs of mind, body and spirit throughout the different phases of the cycle.

My Story in a Nutshell.

As a young girl, I was not taught much at all about the intricacies of my cycle and as a result grew up despising this taboo side of womanhood. It manifested in all sorts of menstrual mayhem and reproductive and fertility issues further down the track. Since learning to work with my cycle not against it I am able to offer top notch ‘womb service’ to my cycle and in particular that troublesome time of the cycle – period and run up to it.  To be able to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing throughout the menstrual month has been the gift that keeps on giving. And I would like to offer this gift to you and your luna lovely in the form of the Monthly Planner, the foundation to a long lasting loving relationship with our menstrual cycle.

So, once your luna lovely is in receipt of her planner, get in touch and we’ll send through more detailed info on how to work with the planner. Although it has been created with simplicity, ease and fun in mind so hopefully pretty self explanatory!


For more details on how to get involved and to receive a free Living the Luna Life Monthly Planner please email us with a click here.

For more on Danielle Rickwood, founder of Living the Luna Life and Menstrual Wellbeing Educator, head to her bio here on this website

There is a special gift from Living the Luna Life waiting in the wings for the most creative planner.

One lucky Luna lovely will be the recipient of a gift of her choice:

The Living the Luna Life Essential Oil Blend range that smell simply divine and sync beautifully with each of the 4 phases of your cycle. Blended in the UK with love.


This gorgeous exclusive ‘Serenity’ necklace made with a red garnet gem stone and with a fine gold cord for light easy day wear. Made by hand in India with love.

You’ll love these oils because:

  • Each blend holds the essence and intention of the phase of the cycle you find yourself in.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Created, hand blended and made with love in England.
  • Earth Positive. All packaging and ‘cushioning’ is made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Moon Kissed. Sun Blessed.
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free.
  • 100% Natural Origin, Naturally Farmed using Organic Farming Methods. For a full list of essential oils used in each blend look under ‘Description’ below.
  • Each icon that appears on each blends label corresponds with the icons that are used in the Monthly Plannerfor easy aligning with where you are at in your menstrual month.

More info here



*Mark the date in your Planner 😉

The Cycling Adventures So Far…

I just wanted to say how great my girls and I have been finding your monthly planner.For me its been an absolutely brilliant way to bring up the conversation of periods in a really relaxed and informal way. As a father of 2 girls it was something I was slightly worried about but made the conversation so easy and comfortable for all of us. It’s something we now talk about very freely and has helped me with planning our outings in terms of when to take it more easy. I’m involved in the whole cycle and have a way better understanding of my daughters energy levels and feelings throughout the month. It’s incredibly easy to follow which has been great.
Thanks again.

Andy, father to 2 daughters