An incredible amount of Love & Gratitude for the special people below who have supported my work, sharing it’s existence with others around the globe through their own beautiful contributions to this world of which you can discover more with a click under their name.

Amanda Byram

TV Host, Health Expert & Travel Writer

From the moment Danielle makes her first connection with you, albeit on the phone or in person, you can tell something magical is afoot. Her spiritual personality is hard not to fall in love with, and her insights into the ‘belly’ and it’s organs that are ‘hanging out in there’, are extremely helpful both physically, mentally and emotionally. Whatever it is Danielle does in her sessions is rather inexplicable. Let’s just say she has the ability to take your mind to another plane and to ground your body back to where it needs to be…

Tom Cronin

Meditation Teacher | Life Coach | Producer | Writer

I’ve had many styles of massage before from Kahuna to Shiatsu and deep tissue, however receiving Abdominal Therapy from Danielle was a whole other experience. Let’s just say it was like I went to other planes! For healing and general balance and well being I can’t recommend a session with Danielle enough.

Therese Kerr

Health & Wellness Advocate, Author, Speaker and Founder of Divine by Therese Kerr, Mother to Super Model Miranda Kerr

I felt an immediate connection to Danielle, she exudes warmth and peace and I felt so comfortable and soothed by her presence. The treatment had me floating on clouds and I really sensed that I let so much go on an emotional and spiritual level. The experience is different to normal deep massage and although light in touch the level of deep relaxation shows how incredible the human body is once given the chance to let go and be still. Danielle described this to me as ‘Letting the mind take a back seat and your spiritual and physical being take a turn in the driving seat’ that explains perfectly what I felt. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Danielle and give my body such an incredible, beautiful experience, I feel that my body has been reminded to function as it is supposed to and not simply responding via memory of habits that have developed over the years.

Isabel Lucas

Actress | Environmentalist

Danielle is a true treasure, working with her is a deep joy for me. The belly work she offers is gentle and deeply healing. We store our emotion somatically, especially in our belly- this is why Danielle’s work is so valuable, you have a chance to shift and release stagnant energy from the body. Danielle’s inherently maternal instinct and non-judgmental perspective invites you to feel receptive and relaxed during her healing sessions. I love her warmth and encouragement.

Sharon Tierney


I recently went to see my happy uterus lady (HUL) – that’s not her official job title, it’s just what I like to call her. Wow!! I was really blown away – I had been suffering my whole menstrual life and now after a massage treatment with HUL…. nothing!! I’m currently writing about my whole experience with Danielle and the transformation of my female health in what I hope will be the last chapter of the book.

Fran Verbeek

Founder of The Happi Empire

A shift definitely took place which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you! Your energy is beautiful and people that are ready for a session with you are lucky bunnies.