All practitioners at the clinic have adjusted treatment times to allow for 15 minutes between appointments to allow for airing and cleaning of the treatment room aswell as other touch points within the clinic.

The clinic continues to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum and bookings and payments will, as they always have, be carried out prior to clinic visits.

Clients are asked to arrive at the time of their appointment and not before.

For further info on Health & Safety or for any concerns you may have please email

Many thanks for your continued understanding.

what to expect

Ultimately a much better relationship with your belly. The secret to ongoing belly happiness and wellness is taking ownership of your health and well-being. Over many years of helping clients overcome digestive and reproductive issues, I have developed a successful treatment plan dedicated to foster and nurture a greater appreciation for all that your belly and its organs do for you. This program of belly care gets into the ‘guts’ of deeply ingrained and entrenched patterns that can often result in our digestive and reproductive issues hitting the repeat button despite well intentioned efforts to combat abdominal problems through diet, exercise, medical intervention.


If you would like to receive more in depth information on what consultations entail please send us an email by clicking here stating which country you reside in.

If you unsure as to whether Abdominal is a good fit for where you are at right now you can book a FREE 20 minute discovery call with a click here

How will all this feel?

This is how the mind, body and spirit often experience relief through abdominal therapy:

Physical relief...

from ongoing digestive and reproductive health complaints that affect all aspects of life – work, play, and sleep.

Emotional release...

from years of storing up good and bad events in the cellular memory of the belly, that can then manifest as physical dis-ease and sickness within the abdomen.

Mental stimulation...

through increased understanding of how the belly works and how to apply that knowledge so that better choices are made to support reproductive and digestive function.

Soulful connection...

to the very core of our being – the belly.

Ongoing Tummy TLC

The belly love does not stop flowing when you leave your clinic session… Danielle shares with you plenty of self care tips to play with at home as well as providing 24 hour access to online inspiration to keep you and your belly in tip top condition – Check the social media platforms that appear at the bottom of each page and also dive on over to her latest offering – Living the Luna Life™ You may also like to join Danielle at one of her workshops, retreats or wellness get togethers which she has created especially for you, more details here. Sign up to the New Moon Mailout in the subscription box below to be the first to know when and where these yummy gatherings are happening!

What clients are saying...
You created a very special safe space, even over the phone. Very loving, easy & free. A talent that very few therapists have. I'm lucky to have found you!
I walked away from my appointment with a whole new attitude towards my belly! I am now on the path to mending my relationship with it and showing it some love.
I generally just feel more alive in my lower abdominal / pelvic region and I remembered what you said about the lines of communication opening up as a result of the treatment. Anyway, no complaints here! Only gratitude for the wonderful work that you do.
It seems every time I see you shorty after I start to understand so much more about myself... You truly are an amazing person. Meeting you has been such an integral part of my life...
It was the first time in months my belly had felt relaxed.
I found the session relaxing, insightful and felt it just made sense!
I took away from the session a strong sense of communication; with myself, my higher self, my belly, my organs... asking questions, and really listening for the answers.
This will change the way you think and feel about your belly.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of healing. With your help this year, I have been able to explore a deeper part of myself that I love. You are an angel on earth.
Thank you for being a shining light and generous, inclusive soul.