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If you have tried and tested lots of different therapies, natural or medical, to treat your condition it can often leave you feeling lost and powerless. Danielle gets you back in control of your health by helping you rediscover your bodies incredible capacity to heal itself with the right tools. Reclaim good health and a happy tummy. Book in today.

It’s all about…

breaking down the physical, mental and emotional blocks that cause common reproductive and digestive health issues to keep hitting the repeat button. Whatever the health issue – bloating, constipation, infertility, painful periods, PMS, prostate issues, IBS or even if there is no particular health issue just a desire to continue to be well, the overall and unquestionable gift in connecting with the belly is unearthing the incredible insights and wisdom that are held deep within it. We already experience this as our ‘gut feel‘ or our ‘gut instinct‘ for the belly is the home of our intuition. When we follow our gut we often end up in the most tranquil of places… and for many this has resulted in the quietening of symptoms as the health of a particular abdominal organ becomes the focus as opposed to the sickness or condition it was associated with. Abdominal Therapy is suitable for both MEN and WOMEN.

Butterflies in my belly

Whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, it can often be an ongoing battle to maintain peace and harmony with your belly. Believe me, it has taken me years to end my battle with the belly with it’s laundry list of health complaints. My own search took me as far as the rainforests of Belize where I undertook life changing studies with Dr Rosita Arvigo.  Studies were often distracted by the beautiful “Belizean Blue” butterfly fluttering under my nose..

This magnificent butterfly begins it’s life cycle as a tiny dewdrop shaped pale green egg. Soon after it changes into a voraciously hungry caterpillar, then into the bizarre form of what looks like a sleeping tequila worm, and finally into a dazzling beauty! It is the art of transformation and makes regular appearances throughout the site as a reminder of what is possible once we let go and lighten up. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the only complaints being made were from the health issues themselves as the toxic, stagnant, negative environment which they currently thrive in shifts into one of only wellness and happiness. To find out more about how this therapy can help transform your relationship with your belly, click the big button below and discover how to…

Nurture, Nourish, Love Your Belly!

Danielle Rickwood

The Abdominal Therapist