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The Year of the Belly.

Abdominal Therapy offers a unique fusion of ancient wisdom alongside modalities including The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Belief Coding® and Reproflexology®

The treatment involves gentle manipulation of organs to ensure proper positioning, diaphragmatic release to aid cardiovascular flow, lymphatic drainage and spinal and hip realignment through gentle body work.

Where other natural and medical approaches have not offered long term relief, this highly effective treatment has been helping people get on top of common reproductive and digestive health issues.

The result? The restoration of proper and optimal functioning of the belly and the organs that reside there. Giving these organs the respect, understanding, support that they most need helps them to fire on all cylinders.

As they flourish in a much healthier happier environment the toxicity that creates a breeding ground for

dis-ease, symptoms and conditions diminishes and disappears.

Abdominal Therapy is suitable for both MEN and WOMEN.

A happy healthy belly means a happy healthy you!

Abdominal Therapy with Danielle feels like I have Marie Kondo’d my belly from the inside out. So much stuff locked down in there that it feels so good to chuck out anything that feels outdated, stuck and toxic and keeping only things that spark joy in my little cells that make up these amazing abdominal organs.

April 33yo, Sydney, Australia

Book in today and make this the year that you reclaim good health and a happy tummy!

**N.B. All sessions / consultations are conducted both online and in clinic.** Click here to book.

If you are a new client I offer a Free ‘Discovery Call’ to discuss your health needs to see how I may best serve you. Click here to enquire

“Thanks for today’s discovery call Danielle! It is a great show of loyalty to your clients during a difficult time, also was an opportunity for me to check in with my tummy,   be heard and have a potential plan put in place to work together once things return to normal.”

Lisa, W

Danielle Rickwood Arvigo Practitioner UK Arvigo Practitioner Australia

Danielle Rickwood

The Abdominal Therapist

Founder of The Peaceful Period Plan™ & Living the Luna Life™

How can Abdominal Therapy help ME?

Abdominal Therapy is a gentle yet powerful holistic therapy. It involves a combination of hands on healing to help with physical blocks as well as the exploration of possible emotional and mental blocks that are often behind many abdominal health issues. These sessions are perfectly aligned with anyone truly looking to:

get to the root cause of ongoing abdominal health issues

feel back in control of their digestive and reproductive health

establish a healthy connection and respect for their belly and the organs of the belly

learn tools that can be applied anytime / any place that will maintain abdominal health and vitality

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