Abdominal Therapy Online Consultations

Receive support with Abdominal Therapy online consultations available for Australian and UK clients.

For price lists, please email info@daniellerickwood.com with your location within Australia or the UK.

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First Consultation

60 minutes

Prior to your first consultation, you will be sent a comprehensive client form via email to complete and return via email ready for your phone consultation. The client form is an integral part of your healing journey and brings into focus all aspects affecting the health and happiness of your abdomen. This session is designed to empower you from the very beginning, to take charge of your belly’s wellness and to champion its happiness from wherever you are.

During your Consultation we will:

Talk in depth about what you have shared on your client form

Simplify what can often be a super frustrating and confusing part of life – ongoing, unresolved abdominal health issues

Discover how current behaviours and beliefs maybe contributing to your health issue

Unearth other possible physical, mental and emotional blocks that you may not have thought about

Look at the life lessons behind certain health issues

Where applicable, arm you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your way through appointments with specialists and visits to your GP

Chat through simple natural self care practices to keep you and your belly happy and healthy

Discuss ways in which your nearest and dearest may support you better

Create a plan of action so that you can move forward

Help you establish a super strong and unbreakable bond with your belly


Follow Up Consultations

45 – 60 minutes

All our emotions get stored and tucked away in the belly, much like our thoughts get stored and stuck in our head. Sometimes simply unpacking these emotions and reviewing our thoughts is enough to get the belly back on track. Danielle helps you to examine your current situation to gain clarity and perspective. This enables you to continue moving forwards with a renewed momentum allowing the belly and yourself to feel revitalised and re energised.

During your Consultation we will align what feels best from the offerings below with your current needs:

Discuss current health status emailed prior to the consultation

Review the self care practices sent through from First Consultation and fine tune any areas

Learn how to use the Six Quadrant Theory to keep on top of a healthy functioning tum

Work with the 5 channels of flow servicing the belly space

Further self care practices shared where appropriate

If you have yet to learn how to perform on yourself the Arvigo Self Care Massage sequence this will form part of this session.

If you are the recipient of the Living the Luna Life Monthly Planner we will go through how to successfully work with the planner

N.B. The First Consultation session is a prerequisite to any session either in clinic or online.


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for last night’s online healing session with you. It was an incredibly beautiful experience and I was totally balanced & blissed out by then end of the session. The wisdom you shared has really helped me move forward. For anyone wondering if the online sessions are as healing & transformative as the hands-on clinic sessions, the answer is a resounding YES. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Love & blessings, Melissa xx”