Danielle Rickwood

“Thank you for being a shining light and generous, inclusive soul.”


“Only gratitude for the wonderful work that you do.”


“Thank you so much for your care and attention to help me re connect with my belly!”


“I felt an immediate connection to Danielle, she exudes warmth and peace and I felt so comfortable and soothed by her presence.”


“I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Danielle and give my body such an incredible, beautiful experience, I feel that my body has been reminded to function as it is supposed to and not simply responding via memory of habits that have developed over the years.”


“The humanity and touch was a drastic and welcome change from the cold clinical world of diagnostics and harsh clinical terms that had come to define me as a problem with feet. Body and soul made happy. Now we’re talking! Thank you Danielle!”


“Danielle’s exceptional kindness and love of the Feminine provided my wounded soul and body with a truly safe place to exist and start healing.”


“Danielle’s expert massages have helped me to be able to relax my stomach and by teaching me the methods I will be able to continue the treatments even though I am moving abroad.”


“Thank you for your skill, care, efforts, and gentleness.”