How much do sessions cost?

Prices vary depending on your clinic location. Please email via the contact page to enquire. Please include your clinic location in the email. For all New Clients, a FREE 20 minute ‘Discovery Call’ is available to discuss your health needs and determine whether the therapy is right for you at this stage in your journey. To book a Discovery Call click here

How many treatments will I need?

Clients that experience the greatest improvements in their health receive 3-4 sessions.  After that, the frequency is totally dependent on client need and desire for ongoing sessions. Block bookings can be made which offer savings or you can pay individually for each session. To enquire re cost and payment options please email via the contact page.

First Consult over Skype / Phone?

First consults are undertaken via phone (FaceTime or WhatsApp Audio). By holding the first consultation via phone, you can choose a space and place where you can relax and be comfortable without the stress of trying to get to another appointment. This one on one time will allow us to expand upon the information shared in your client form. This session is unique to you and Danielle will share with you techniques, insights and information that best suit where you are on your wellness journey. This can include recommending lifestyle changes, breathing techniques for the belly, a guided meditation to help you slow down and connect to your belly area.

How quickly should I expect a change?

It may take as little as one session to experience relief from symptoms or it could take potentially longer depending on the severity of the problem. Three sessions are usually the minimum required to ascertain if the healing is moving in the right direction.

How long does a treatment last?

First Consultations sessions are 60 minutes. Australia clinic based sessions are 60 minutes. UK based clinic sessions are 45 minutes.

What should I eat before and after my Hands on Healing treatment?

It is best to eat only lightly a couple of hours prior to your treatment so that your digestive system is not busy processing heavy foods in large quantities. After your treatment, eating simple foods such as soups and salads gives the digestive system time to integrate the treatment without having to work hard to break down heavy, processed foods.

Frequently Asked Questions by Women

How do I chart my menstrual cycle?

There are free applications that can be downloaded onto your phone to help track your menstrual cycle – iPeriod; Period Tracker; Period Planner. OR… in an effort to get the balance between offline and online activities and getting women into their creative space using their hands to design and create rather than swipe and press buttons, get both your hands on one of Danielle’s Menstrual Monthly Planners.  A total MUST HAVE in the self care department! In a nutshell, Day 1 begins on the first day of your period. Ovulation normally occurs around Day 14. If you are on a regular cycle, your period should start again after Day 28.

My periods are irregular, how do I know when it is safe to perform the technique?

Wait for your next period and then perform the technique a day or so after your period ends.

Does the treatment work with IVF?

The treatment is a wonderful way to balance and connect in with your uterus throughout your IVF journey. Treatments can be performed during FSH medication and whilst blood tests are being done to check hormone levels right up until follicles are to be measured.  Treatments can then be performed again once eggs have been removed right up until eggs are implanted. The treatment will help improve circulation to the pelvic area as well as helping to correct a displaced uterus.

“I came in earlier this year for a treatment with you (late April) just before I had an embryo transfer (my 7th attempt!). I just wanted to let you know that it was successful an I am now 6 month pregnant!  I am so grateful for this little miracle and wanted to say thank you. If I ever try again I will definitely be coming back to see you!

How does the treatment help with Caesarean Sections?

Untold numbers of caesarean births could be prevented with this simple, safe, easy to learn massage technique. Practitioners use this to prevent the need for a C-Section. By strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs, the massage helps to place and maintain the uterus in her optimal position for giving birth. For women who have had a C-section, this technique is beneficial for breaking up scar tissue in the same way it works for women who have had hysterectomies. Treatments can be performed 12 weeks after C-section delivery.

Are the techniques recommended for all women?

Almost every woman, even those who have had hysterectomies can benefit greatly from the Arvigo Techniques through improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and a decrease in the formation of scar tissue. Direct application over the uterus is not performed:

During menstrual bleeding

Within the first 6 weeks following a normal vaginal delivery or the first 3 months after a c-section

For a woman using an IUD for birth control

If cancer is present or suspected anywhere in the pelvis, or undergoing chemotherapy for this condition

During the first trimester of pregnancy

I’ve had a Hysterectomy – how do the Arvigo Techniques help?

Women who have had hysterectomies benefit greatly from these techniques as it improves circulation in and around the area of the scar. When circulation is improved, scar tissue will be prevented from forming in the pelvis after surgery. Ligaments and other remaining organs are benefited from improving circulatory flow to the pelvis.

If you still have further questions having read through the website and the above FAQ’s, please  click here