A Woman’s Journey

Heather’s Journey

My first “period” arrived when I was 11.5 years old and brought a significant amount of pain with it. The extreme pain in my legs, lower back, and low abdomen along with exhaustion and severe headaches has been a challenge my whole life. My reaction to this was anger and resistance towards my cycles breeding a hatred for my womb. 
Working with Danielle and experiencing her Luna Rosa offerings introduced a whole new consciousness to my monthly cycles. Her gentle and compassionate way coupled with her magical hands and nourishing products began to soothe the sharp  edges of the pain with love and curiosity. 
Now many years later I can see how our first hands on session together created a love connection with my womb that has been growing ever since. When I feel my cycle coming I immediately place my hands on my belly and speak to my womb just like she did that first time; the gentle and even playful presence helps me know what my body needs in those moments allowing me to respond with love rather than react with anger. I have found that when pain is met with love and nourishment there is a melting of the intensity and an easeful transition into flowing with the cycles. The brilliant Living the Luna Life essential oils, moon calendar, and jewellery are such sweet reminders to stay present in each phase of my cycle. Seeing them on my altar reminds me to lean into each moment of each phase with a gentle curiosity and embrace of the sweetness of how our bodies are uniquely alive and evolving in every moment. 
Heather Hollander

Gilly’s Journey

I used to absolutely dread my incredibly painful periods and was always so relieved when they were over. I got to a point in my mid twenties where I began to question why I was experiencing such pain and that surely this wasn’t ‘normal’ or the way nature intended. Over the years, and through deepening mind-body awareness, exploring various modalities to help ease this pain, I gained further understanding surrounding it. I came across Mayan abdominal massage and its philosophies and found Danielle’s offerings in Melbourne. Working with her one on one allowed me to see that I was working against my cycle – against the very rhythm of nature, and allowed me to see how this was contributing to the pain I was experiencing. Working with Danielle and seeing the menstrual cycle as ‘seasons’, helped me enormously. I was then able to step into a place of harmony within my cycle, and to honour each part of it; just like the seasons within the calendar year and to understand that each one is there for a reason. Menstrual cycle awareness has promoted creativity in all areas of my life, as I’m now deeply connected to my creative centre and womb.

Since becoming self employed, the honouring of my cycle and awareness surrounding it has deepened further. I can now plan my work schedule around my monthly cycle to allow a time of rest and recuperation, to take advantage of the times when I feel full of energy and ideas, and when I am super intuitive and connected, I use these times for deep meditation. It has been such a gift. I wish I had been shown this much earlier in life, and absolutely believe it should be taught at school.

Her teachings have often reminded me how to look after myself in the run up to my period, to deeply listen and in doing so, the pain has reduced over time, as my body too, has listened and responded with this deep wisdom. It has helped and continues to help me get to the root cause of my pain, so that it soothes and heals in the long term. With each new cycle, there is new awareness, and now instead of the dread and fear that was once attached to it, I feel a deeper connection, an honouring and reverence for this season of my life. After working with Danielle I always feel beautifully met, nourished and supported. She has a special combination of sensitivity, wisdom and intuition which makes any session with her a deeply healing experience. I cannot express enough how important I think her work is, and would encourage everyone to dive deeply into it.